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Mystery Audit

Nothing mysterious – all about improving consumer brand experiences


Benefits of a Mystery Audit

  • Helps check conformance to internal/industry standards
    • Identify high & low performing units/employees
    • Identify improvement areas in product/service delivery
    • Benchmark against competition product/service delivery
    • Set a Baseline for future monitoring
  • Enables measurement of employee training effectiveness & needs
  • Assists in recognition of good employees/units
  • Helps establish consistency in performance across units




  • Products can be copied by Competitors.
  • Service quality is what differentiates a Brand from another.


  • A Negative word spreads faster than a Positive one. An unhappy customer tells 10 others about a bad experience.
  • Majority of customers switch their loyalties due to poor service, not bad product.


  • Service areas are the stepping stones to customer loyalty & brand recommendation.
  • Ensuring a consistent delivery on the brand promise is what leads to customer delight & retention.


The mystery audit program…

Our trained & experienced auditor will pose as a customer and anonymously evaluate all parameters, like customer service, knowledge, processes/operations, service delivery, infrastructure, employee integrity and product quality.

- Measure the compliance to pre-defined standards/SOPs for you and your key competitor, for industry benchmarking.

- Provide an independent & unbiased audit of processes & staff at the ground level, giving constructive actionable input to your improvement plans.