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    International Data Collection

International Data Collection


We also help research organizations get ahead of their client deadlines, by managing their fieldwork across continents with the help of a dedicated global project management team.

We can be your single source for multinational data collection, whichever be the medium - online, telephone, and/or face-to-face interviews, with the strictest quality control procedures deployed.

Our global project management unit conducts On-the-Ground Data Collection, both Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Focus group discussions, Telephone surveys, Online surveys, Ethnographic Research, In-home interviews and Shop along’s.

Our global project management wing is designed to meticulously manage multi-country fieldwork on behalf of market research firms, so that they are able to execute a higher number of projects for more clients.

From sample size calculation at the proposal stage basis Universe estimation, to data processing and report preparation, our global project management team guides research agencies at every stage of their project lifecycle.


Explore our international project management expertise below at every stage of your project:

Universe estimation / Methodology design

Determining the ideal survey sample size can prove tricky, without a good idea of the size of the Universe.

No idea about a particular Universe? No worries.. We’re here to help!

With our historic data and past experience across sectors, we can help you with a fairly accurate estimate of the Universe size on any respondent type across sectors and countries, to help you decide on the most ideal sample size for your research project. Moreover, we can go one step further and also help you with the maximum possible sample size achievable from a limited universe, basis incidence and response rates we’ve seen in the past.

Be it a particular designation set amongst payers or a particular income group in a country, our experience can help you assess the ideal sample size to commit into your research proposal.

We don’t stop at that, we go one step further and also suggest to you the ideal survey methodology to follow to interview your respondent in terms of speed, cost & quality, to ensure your research proposal is the most competitive in the market.

Questionnaire design / Survey programming and hosting

With our in-house team of Researchers from the world’s leading market research firms like Nielsen and the Kantar group, we also provide questionnaire design services.

Moreover, all client designed questionnaires also go through one round of checks from our Research team before they reach the respondent on ground.

Our Surveys are carefully designed for in-person interviewing, whether on paper or with tablets/mobile devices.

All scripting and hosting is conducted in-house by Syntellect staff.

Syntellect maximizes client value by implementing the most recently devised and cutting edge online methods.

Extensive quality controls including routing instructions, survey lengths, pattern of response and IP address checks are carried out before the survey is made live.

Only after rigorous testing and validation will the project move to fieldwork.

Our scripting team is well-versed with all prominent scripting platforms – Confirmit, the industry-leading software, as well as other platforms like Nebu and Dimensions.

We also work with client-provided cloud based platforms. So be it any type of survey - offline or online, on Tablet, Mobile or Netbook, Syntellect can create the same with ease.

Online reporting using real-time survey data helps you track the progress of your project at any time.

Translation and Field Training

It is challenging enough to conduct market research about your company, its products or services in just your own country. But what if you need to study other markets across the globe?

English spoken in different regions of the world vary to the point where it is not understood by others at all who share that written language. The same is true with written and spoken Spanish, and so on.

In B2B sector, where technical terms are used, it is even more important to ensure that ambiguity is minimized.

This is where Syntellect’s capabilities come into play.

We employ native speaking personnel who are bilingual to do the translation for any phone or online survey questions, interview scripts or focus group discussion guides, and then get it back-translated by a third person, to ensure that the most accurate form of each question gets administered in the local language.

As the next step, the end Interviewer is then diligently and thoroughly briefed on this questionnaire by Syntellect’s project management team, with the help of a Field Briefing Note prepared either by Client or by Syntellect’s research team.

Mock interviews are conducted with each individual interviewer, either in person or through video conferencing, before sending the person on field.

As a standard process, our quality assurance team works closely with the fieldwork team. Thorough and timely quality checks are then implemented during the entire fieldwork process.

For quantitative research, our project managers employ rigorous screening procedures to ensure the sample representativeness and quota requirements as set by the clients. We track every respondent’s ID in our internal database to avoid duplicates. Further cleaning/validation is conducted by our QA team during the data entry stage.

For qualitative research, we adopt a double screening process by both the field team and project managers to make sure that all the recruited respondents fit project requirements. All our studies involve over-recruitment to allow on-site screening and real time replacement before the groups/interviews. Our research managers go even further by doing frequent in-home/in-context checks to validate respondent information in almost every qualitative project we do.

Recruiting – Respondent selection, Facility rental & handling incentives

Not all recruiting is alike.

Recruiting is one of the most important, and difficult steps in conducting most market research studies.

Recruiting respondents for FGDs and Depth Interviews is one of the most integral aspects of successful qualitative market research. Screening through potential recruits and extracting the target people to participate are key components that may predict the quality of the research.

The question then remains – how and where do you find the right target people? Aside from passing a screening questionnaire, what else demonstrates a genuine respondent? Recruiting potential candidates for studies can be more of an art than a science.

Provided the respondent matches the profile and answers all of the questions accurately as per the screening questionnaire, she should theoretically be a perfect match. In many cases, such a strategy may work well. There are, however, many instances where simply passing a screening questionnaire is not enough to assure the recruit is a suitable match. So what else can be done?

Many a times, it’s a matter of reading between the lines and requires communication skills and experience to ensure high quality candidates.

We offer a cost-effective data collection methodology that never compromises on quality.

Syntellect recruits for a range of groups and depths among both consumer and business audiences.

We take the stress and worry out of the recruitment process for you, and we do this by:

  • Screening out ‘professional respondents’ and potentially poor contributors.
  • Pre-checking all respondents prior to participation.
  • Undertaking all associated logistics, as required, including venue hire and equipment, catering and provision of incentives.
  • Providing experienced Field Supervisors, who know how to make even the most difficult group come together successfully.
  • With our team of trusted nationwide recruiters and our in-house telephone recruiters, we offer fast turnaround recruitment and can recruit even the hardest-to-reach audiences.

With an in-house staff of trained recruiters and a national panel of research participants, Syntellect is fully equipped to recruit a broad range of consumer and B2B respondents, including: C-Level Executives, High net worth individuals, Healthcare and dental professionals, Key Opinion Leaders and Low Incidence populations across all industries.

Syntellect Recruitment Processes:

We use many innovative methods to recruit for our studies, and we tailor our methods to meet each client’s individual needs. We have a custom panel which we update frequently. People on the panel are screened in-depth. One benefit of this is that we can identify potential candidates and then put them through an additional round of screening and evaluate their qualifications for each particular study.

To ensure the quality, we assign expert senior fieldwork managers to manage the recruitment process at all times. We often screen recruits several times over a period of time to ensure that they are the right candidates. We have strict policies and oversight with regard to our on-site staff. The results from recruitment are centralized on-site, so that we can schedule and confirm according to quotas our clients need us to fill.

Focus Groups And Depth Interviews: We offer full-service FGD planning – including screener and discussion guide drafting – recruitment, and execution in each of its wholly-owned global offices.

Telephonic Surveys: Data integrity is the most important criterion for our CATI projects. We adhere to all local and global research standards for telephone research and strive hard to ensure the highest possible data quality for every interview we complete. All the interviews are conducted by our in-house call center with fully trained interviewers. Intensive effort is also put into monitoring the interview process and running quality control procedures. Our team is especially experienced in recruiting hard-to-reach targets such as early adopters, opinion leaders, special professionals, and C-level executives. We share 100% call recordings in all of our projects.

Web Surveys: Acquiring the right samples and managing the sampling process is critical to the success of web based data collection projects. We provide clients with the best panel sources including our own panel and 3rd party’s to meet project requirements. We also keep close track of each step during the fieldwork process to ensure sample representativeness, the right balance across sub-groups, and specific quota requirements.

  • Extensive quality controls are deployed including survey lengths, pattern of response and IP address checks.
  • Complex routing and insertion of audio and digital media is possible.
  • Advanced design features, to match the client’s corporate look.
  • Online reporting using real-time survey data.

Mobile Surveys: Our team is one of the early adopters of data collection through the mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets.  As part of our big data platform project, we have developed an advanced mobile metering technology and survey platform for mobile market research. The cutting-edge mobile technology allows us to measure and research consumer behaviors in a completely new way and provides tremendously rich data to drive market insights.

Face to Face Surveys: With an in-house field team in every major economy, and networked partners in smaller countries, we help our clients conduct various face-to-face research projects across continents.

Respondents are recruited in person by all possible approaches – door to door, on the street, in malls, telephonically (with the help of database), and using online panel (both internal and external).

Central location tests/pre-recruited: With regular access to a wide range of venues in all key markets, we are able to offer a fast turnaround on all types of central location tests, including those requiring product handling/display or low-penetration samples.

OUR FACILITIES: Syntellect owns and operates FGD and Depth interview facilities in all of its global offices.

Highlights of our capabilities at these facilities include:

Video streaming (Focus Vision equipped), Experienced Moderators in each facility, Live Translation, One-way viewing mirrors, High definition video recording, Studio quality audio recording.

INCENTIVES MANAGEMENT: We also help research companies with our suggestions on the ideal Respondent Incentives and also manage the entire logistics behind it.

Whatever be the budget or the audience, we can help you with the right incentive, which is carefully chosen and at the same time is of good value to the respondent; something that they appreciate.

And lastly, we also assess the need for incentive, by country and respondent-type, and accordingly advise you when to offer and when not to.

Our Interviewers, Moderators and Project Managers

For every new data collection study, Syntellect selects a staff moderator (& interviewer team) and a project manager whose experience and skill sets best meet the project’s needs.

Quality is top of mind at Syntellect before data collection even starts. Instead of just cleaning up “bad” data at the end, we employ quality, logic and plausibility checks throughout the entire process, which is all managed by a central project manager. Such total immersion of the project manager in all aspects of the project – with programmers, interviewers, field supervisors and the DP team – facilitates a consistent and proactive approach to delivering data of the utmost quality.

A consolidated weekly field status is provided on all projects (bi-weekly provided as per project requirement).

We undertake many surveys that address sensitive or potentially contentious issues and you can rely on us to handle them with tact and to represent you in a positive & professional manner.

We have experience of successfully reaching hard-to-reach audiences such as Healthcare Specialists, IT Directors and High Net Worth individuals.

Fieldwork can also be monitored and tracked by geolocation.


-Only proven and experienced interviewers are employed.

-Intensive training on both research and communication techniques is imparted before an Interviewer begins interacting with respondents.

-Live call monitoring on 10% of each interviewer’s work on each project.

With over 15,000 telephonic interviews per year, Syntellect CATI Team understands how to engage with both businesses and consumers. Our high caliber team gain respondents’ trust, enabling them to conduct meaningful interviews and ensuring that true insight is delivered.

Our mystery shopping auditors

A Mystery Audit helps check conformance to internal/industry standards by - Identifying high & low performing units/employees, Identifying improvement areas in product/service delivery, and Benchmarking against competition product/service delivery.

Our trained & experienced auditors pose as customers and anonymously evaluate all parameters, like customer service, knowledge, processes/operations, service delivery, infrastructure, employee integrity and product quality.

Syntellect employs auditors that are highly trained:

  • To mentally record verbatim responses
  • To listen carefully
  • To follow detailed step by step instructions and processes
  • To work flexible hours
  • To evaluate without any preconceived notions or expectations

Panel – Online & Offline

Established relationships with various panel providers around the world allow us to conduct surveys among most segments of the population, but with the benefit of managing the data collection process centrally and more economically.

Our technology experience with our panel has grown over the years to incorporate new methods including smartphone surveys, online bulletin boards and focus groups.

Survey Methodologies

Syntellect is one of few global fieldwork companies which has worked across a multitude of survey methodologies across geographies. F2F, CAPI, PAPI, CATI, CAWI, CLT, Email/Online, Mobile, online FGD, Street Intercept, Eye Tracking, Sensory research, Neuroscience – we’ve done it all; across continents.

With 200+ CATI stations spread across India, Singapore & UK, we can call out to anywhere in the world, in 14 languages. 

Desk research (secondary research)

Desk research is an integral part of any market intelligence and market research study. Desk research can aid the researchers in understanding a particular market or industry in order to ask intelligent questions during interviews, for example. In market intelligence, desk research is also used to map out potential sources of information (industry associations, former and current employees of major players, industry experts, regulators, etc.) and identify and collect potential interviewees’ contact information.

Desk Research is necessary to provide baseline information in understanding the overall market structure and landscape, the industry situation and trends, past consumer trends and behaviors, and identification of sources in support of primary research.

Desk research is specially challenging in certain regions of the globe because of the lack of access to libraries, lack of transparency to government records and academic publications, poor documentation practices and language barriers. 

Syntellect typically uses the following sources of secondary information

  • General web searching
  • Company web sites
  • Directories and lists
  • Governmental reports
  • Relevant industry and product associations within each country
  • Publications and periodicals specific to relevant industries
  • Analyst and company presentations
  • Industry speeches and conference presentations
  • Any available published reports

Data cleaning, coding, tabulation & charting

Syntellect performs extensive quality control checks throughout fieldwork, and conducts a comprehensive cleaning program to deliver reliable results for informed decision-making.

Data integrity and plausibility checks are performed on all collected data, and any outliers or inconsistencies – “straight-line” responses, or interview duration anomalies – are removed. We guarantee your data will be 100% verified, validated and matched to your data map requirements. You only get reliable, decision-ready data that you can count on. Live monitoring is done on 10% of all interviews, to ensure data is accurate and the respondent fits the target group.

A range of outputs possible through our data tabulation team - including ASCII, SPSS and Excel.

We also provide powerpoint slides charting service to our clients so that they can focus on extracting the brand story behind the data.

Report preparation

Being a full-fledged market research firm has its advantages. Our in-house team of researchers can also assist in report preparation, so that you the client servicing researcher can spend more time dissecting the data to deliver the best possible insights.

Be it a stakeholder satisfaction report or a brand equity study, a mystery audit or an advertisement pre-test; no matter what the research type, our experts can prepare its final report which is almost ready to be sent to the end client. 

Project Types we regularly manage across continents:

  • Depth Interviews
  • Focus Groups - Dyads, Triads
  • Ethnography, Observation studies
  • Online bulletin and Discussion boards
  • Shopper Behavior
  • Advertisement testing
  • Eye tracking
  • Usage & Attitude studies
  • Brand tracking studies
  • Concept testing
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • NPS - Net Promoter Score
  • New product development studies
  • Sensory research
  • Package testing
  • Pricing research
  • Product trial/usability test
  • Market/User segmentation
  • Car Clinics
  • Mystery Audit
  • Market landscape and trends
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market sizing and forecasting
  • Market assessment and entry strategy
  • Company profiling & case study
  • Merger/Acquisition Due diligence
  • Business model & ROI analysis