Healthcare Solutions


By consolidating the strength of our general population panel with the proficiency of our project managers in the healthcare industry and extensive reach of Syntellect’s Healthcare panel; together the organization expands and extends its business portfolio and now represents one of the world's biggest general population panel combined with doctor, patient & payer panels. Using a blend of survey approaches – qualitative and quantitative, online and offline, and even mixed mode — Syntellect Healthcare's presence extends to more than 60,000 Healthcare specialists around the world numerous projects executed each year in over 34 countries.

We know that there are two sides to healthcare research, which is the reason we offer one of the world's biggest population panels well integrated with one of the best physician & payer panels.

Focusing on THE RIGHT HEALTHCARE AUDIENCE, USING THE RIGHT CHANNELS enables us to ensure respondent connectivity at its epitome and an approach which is customized to recruit & accomplish rare ailments and even key opinion leaders.

Quality healthcare research begins with high caliber panels having panel members who are active and willing to provide their invaluable time through Syntellect’s constant engagement with these specialists.

Syntellect Health also gives you access to opinion from Academics, Scientists, Hospital Staff, Pharmacists, Nurses and Patients across more than a 100 medical conditions and their complete drug usage profile available in 55+ nations.

  • Disease / Health issues
  • Medical drug / dietary supplement usage
  • Drug side effects BMI index
  • Physicians
  • Payors
  • KOLs & Influencers
  • Medical directors and other hospital staff
  • Patients
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Other healthcare stakeholders