• Retail


Like every other industry, the retail industry too in the developed economies has undergone an evolution journey in terms of traditional mom&pop brick-mortar stores, to super/hyper markets, to online shopping sites.

On the contrary, in many developing nations, in the blink of an eye, the changes from small friendly neighborhood stores to online shopping portals, thus bypassing brick-mortar modern trade, is nothing short of a revolution. Ever changing wants, needs, preferences and tastes of customers is now a constant as the “internet of things” has galvanized all industry sectors permanently.

Online shopping is here to stay till the next innovation, but till then it will coexist with the brick-mortar format. In this competitive scenario it becomes important to understand the future evolving needs of customers from both brick-mortar and online formats.

Syntellect can help understand your customer base better and enable you to formulate marketing decisions better and faster. Our expertise spans both qual & quant methodologies as listed below:

  • Shopper Journey/Ethnography/In-store Observation
  • Shopper Behavior
  • Mystery Audits
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Shop Along
  • Triggers & Barriers
  • Retail Sales Analyses, and
  • Shopper Segmentation