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    Practice Areas

Practices Areas

Syntellect’s raison d’etre is to facilitate clients answer quintessential brand and marketing questions like:

  • Will the new product/variant help increase market share of the brand portfolio? Will the new product/variant be accepted by the consumers in the category?
  • Will the new product/variant be accepted by new consumers to the category and help increase the size of the market?
  • Is the pricing of the new product/variant right?
  • Will the new formulation alienate my core consumer?
  • Is the new communication alienating the core consumer base?
  • etc.

Our knowledge and expertise also enable us to go beyond the obvious and tackle complex marketing issues like:

  • How much can I increase the price of my brand to positively impact the bottom-line with negligible negative impact to the volume share?
  • Is there are need gap/white space in the market that my brand can take advantage of through brand extensions?
  • Is my brand’s equity in synch with consumers’ perceptions? Who is my target customer?
  • etc.

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