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B2B research

B2B markets are very different from those in B2C – fewer customers, higher purchase/contract values, industry verticals requiring specialist knowledge, a more complex decision making process, longer term client relationships and a greater emphasis on personal relationships. B2B Research must reflect these differences if it is to be successful.

We work with organizations to define and resolve commercial issues, using research insights to help them make accurate and strategic business decisions.

Syntellect has in-depth B2B research skills and experience across a wide range of sectors.

Our specialist B2B Research services include:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Market profiling/sizing
  • Market forecasting
  • Competitive intelligence

Our B2B Research methodologies include:

  • Desk research
  • Online surveys
  • Telephone/CATI surveys
  • Face-to-face/depth interviews
  • Focus groups/workshops