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Pack Test

Appearances matter

Our qualitative research in the pre-design phase can help you set the correct goals & objectives for the new package design at the outset of the design process. This can include an ethnographic component, the observation of shoppers in a natural retail environment, and also in a usage environment.

After these observations, our next step is in-depth interviews with the customers, to understand the motivations & perceptions that drive brand selection, and also the advantages & disadvantages of the packaging and graphic designs.

This is followed by evaluation of the rough designs on various aspects to help you shortlist on a few designs. Post this we put these designs through another round of depth interviews so as to fine-tune the designs to improve consumer reactions and finally evaluate them in the context of the competitive environment. This is done in a simulated display, similar to what the consumer would see in a typical store, along with testing it against a control or benchmark (the existing package).